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Ontario County Parks Special Use Application

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  2. This application shall include ANY and ALL pertinent or relevant details, specifics, information, requests, needs, or requirement for your activity.


  4. Name/Organization/Group organizing the activity.


  6. Approximate start to end; including set up and clean up.

  7. Will the event be open to the public?*

  8. How many people do you expect at the activity? (Including staff, volunteers, and participants.)

  9. Please describe the activity/event that you are proposing.

  10. Please provide a description that outlines the space you plan to use, the route of your walk/run/ride/course (if any), parking plan and the approximate placement of any tents, Port-a-Johns, dumpsters, etc.

  11. Please provide the basic timeline of your activity, including arrival time for set up (earliest requested time on-site), walk/run/activities start and end time, and departure time (latest requested time on-site). Please remember to factor in clean-up time.

  12. TENTS

  13. A permit from County Code Enforcement may be required to erect or maintain a tent(s) or membrane structure(s) having an area of 200 square feet or larger. Prior to the event, the tent company shall provide the County proof of insurance that complies with Schedule B.


  15. If your organization or any vendors are providing food to activity attendees (donated OR selling OR providing for free), please consult with the NYS Department of Health (the “DOH”), Geneva District in person or by mail at 624 Pre-Emption Road, Geneva, NY 14456 or by phone at (315)789-3030. Compliance with the requirements of the DOH must be obtained and proof of such compliance delivered to the County prior to your activity.


  17. Ontario County is “Carry In, Carry Out” which means that your group/organization is responsible for the trash and recycling items generated during your activity (unless otherwise noted). There are no trash cans or dumpsters available for disposal (unless otherwise noted). If you choose, you may contact local waste haulers to manage your activity’s waste and recycling for you.

  18. Same day for drop off and pick up is ideal. If not, there is no guarantee that others will not use the dumpsters.


  20. If your activity has a large number of people, bathroom facilities (if available) may not accommodate your total attendance. Also, bathroom facilities may be closed October 31st through May 1st and therefore be unavailable for use. If this is the case, you may be required to rent Port-a-Johns. Should you be required to rent Port-a-Johns, please include the following information:

  21. Same day drop off and pick up is ideal. If not, there is no guarantee that others will not use the Port-a-Johns.

  22. Pavement and/or high, dry ground are strongly recommended.


  24. Depending on the size of your activity and potential parking needs, we may require that you rent additional pavilions or lodges. In some cases, you may need to organize a shuttle service, to and from a remote location, in order to accommodate all of your parking needs. Parking on the grass is only allowed with permission from the County. If your event will use roadways, cross roadways, and/or will have a significantly high attendance, and /or will have any unique risk factors, a police presence may be required. In some cases, fees may be required for their services. If there is a police presence, this Special Use Permit shall not create a “special relationship”.


  26. The day before your activity, please contact and check in with the Parks Caretaker at (585)374-6250. The caretaker will be able to advise you of any facility/field updates and soil/ground conditions or any special considerations and provide any additional guidance or information to make your event run smoothly.


  28. Section 7 of the County Parks Law provides that no person shall solicit or engage in any business, trade, commercial transaction or other activity within a park involving the sale of merchandise or services, or for which any fee, payment, donation or other consideration is required or requested, except for duly authorized concession agreements or other agreements for park purposes which shall have been approved or authorized by the County Board of Supervisors.

  29. If your event is a commercial activity, you must submit this application at least forty-five (45) days in advance to permit time for the Board of Supervisors to review your request.


  31. The Permitee Agrees To:

  32. 1. Have a responsible person, over the age of 21, available onsite for the entire activity,including set up and cleanup;

  33. 2. Comply with the Ontario County Parks Law as illustrated in and further comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations;

  34. 3. Be responsible for all persons who attend the activity and ensure that all persons know the rules and act in an orderly, responsible and safe manner;

  35. 4. Not close any park, village, town, city, county, or state road(s) without proper permission;

  36. 5. Be responsible for payment of any and all costs related to the activity;

  37. 6. Provide and maintain insurance in compliance with Schedule B;

  38. 7. Assume all risk related to hereto and be solely responsible and answerable in damages for all accidents or injuries to person or property and hereby covenants and agrees to release,defend, indemnify and hold harmless the County, its officers, employees and agents from and against any and all liability, damage claims, demands, costs, judgments, fees, attorneys’ fees or loss arising directly or indirectly from the activity;

  39. 8. Possess a properly granted Special Use Permit during the activity;

  40. 9. Provide the County at least seven (7) days’ notice of cancellation in which case, Permittee may request a full refund. Otherwise, there will be no refund except in the case of death,serious illness, or other extraordinary cause out of the permit holder’s control.

  41. The County of Ontario Reserves the Right To:

  42. 1. Approve or deny permits;

  43. 2. Cancel the permit/activity if the Permittee is in violation of these Rules and Regulations;

  44. 3. Postpone, cancel, restrict, or modify a permit/activity that could damage County property;

  45. 4. Terminate the activity or expel any person or persons who are deemed to be unruly, unsafe, or acting dangerously or who violate any of these Rules and Regulations; and

  46. 5. Require rental of additional facilities to match the size and/or needs of the activity.


  48. TENTS


  50. By Submitting This Form, You Attest As Follows:

    I, on behalf of myself / organization / group, hereby submit this Special Use Application for approval. The information and details that I have provided to the County about my activity are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I, on behalf of myself/organization/group, have read and agree to the above rules and regulations.

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