Breastfeeding Information

Questions about Breastfeeding?

Check out Your Guide to Breastfeeding, a publication of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women's Health. Available in English; Spanish (Guia Facil Lactancia-Espanol); and Chinese.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

If 90% of mothers breastfed their babies until the age of 6-months, in a year the U. S. would save 13 billion dollars in health care costs. More importantly, the lives of 911 babies would be saved. Read further for other facts about breastfeeding.

What happens when I have to go back to work?
Many moms must return to work within a few weeks of delivery. Some stop breastfeeding because they think pumping at work is not possible. Encourage your workplace to have policies that address this issue. Women are entitled to time to express breast milk and a private place where this can be accomplished. For more information about the rights of breastfeeding mothers at work see Break Time for Nursing Mothers. Tool boxes are available via the internet to help employers develop breast feeding policies.

Where can I go to get reliable information about breastfeeding?

It's Only Natural; The US Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health breastfeeding website.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has valuable information on breastfeeding.
The New York State Department of Health has many links to other reliable sources of information about breastfeeding.
Click here if you are interested in being a breastfeeding advocate in your workplace or community.