Lakeshore Drive & Moran Road Sidewalk Improvements

Ontario County (County) is pleased to announce sidewalk improvements are planned for Lakeshore Drive & Moran Road for the 2017 construction season. The project objective is to close gaps in the existing sidewalk network and improve safety within project area.

The planned work will include approximately 5,250 linear feet of sidewalk with pedestrian level lighting along both Lakeshore Drive/County Road (CR 50) and Moran Road (CR 10) as described below:
  • Lakeshore Drive/CR 50: Project will construct approximately 2,925 linear feet of 8-foot wide concrete sidewalk with curb ramps and pedestrian level lighting on the south side of Lakeshore Drive, from NY 364 to NY 5-US 20. A 6-foot wide (minimum) grassed strip is proposed from the existing edge of pavement to the front edge of the proposed sidewalk. In addition, pedestrian signal facilities will be constructed at NY 364 & Lakeshore Drive intersection to make the pedestrian connection across NY 364 safer.

  • Moran Road/CR 10: Project will construct approximately 2,325 linear feet of 8-foot wide concrete sidewalk directly adjacent to curb with curb ramps and pedestrian level lighting on both sides of road. Shoulder reconstruction will be completed, as necessary, to construct the proposed curb & storm drainage facilities. Milling of existing pavement, hot-mix asphalt paving, and other incidental construction will be completed on the road after the shoulder reconstruction.
Crosswalks and pedestrian warning signs will be provided or enhanced at each intersection within the
project area.

Design drawings and other components of the proposed sidewalk improvements are available for viewing on the World Wide Web. Please see the following links for the aforementioned information: Design Drawings, PIM Roll, Final Design (Project) Report.

During construction, the road will remain open to through traffic (1-lane minimum). Traffic will be maintained utilizing short-term, single lane closures. The project may be inconvenient for motorists and area residents during construction. That is the nature of road construction work.

We plan to publicly bid the construction contract in the first quarter of 2017. Work should begin in May or June 2017 and last approximately six (6) months.

County will host a public informational meeting on April 26th, 2016. Notice for the public informational meeting will be sent out at least 2-weeks prior to the meeting. In addition, County will provide notice of public informational meeting in Daily Messenger and Finger Lakes Times. The press release, comment sheet, and meeting handout for the public open house are available at the following links: Press Release, Comment Sheet, Meeting Handout.

If you should have any questions or would like to meet directly with County staff to discuss the project before the public informational meeting, please contact me (Tim McElligott) directly at (585) 393-2999.