Infrastructure Around the World

On this page you will find interesting pictures, slideshows, websites, and information in general regarding infrastructure from various parts of the world. Some images are quite incredible while others will make you never take our road system for granted again!
Canada Road Sign Misc Condemned Bridge
Road signs are done a bit
differently in Canada...
During a visit to an auction house, this old sign was
for sale. Now when a motorist saw this sign, how should
they feel? Is it ok to cross a condemned bridge at
any speed? Frankly, I'd put peddle to the metal and
fly across this thing!! Or turn around and head for home...

From our neighbor to the north to South America, China, Russia, and beyond, please enjoy this collection of intriguing and startling pieces of infrastructure (Microsoft Powerpoint is required to view the slideshows included on this page).


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Bridge 1 Bridge 2


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Bolivia Highway 1 Bolivia Highway 2


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Russia 1 Russia 2


Humped Crossing Traffic Poles
An English version of the bump sign! Besides driving on the other side of the road, all traffic light poles are mounted near eye level A nice drive through the Wales countryside. Can you imagine trying to navigate a bus on these roads? How many cars have lost side mirrors as they get squeezed into those beautiful stone walls?

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Bridge Builder
This is how a multi-span bridge is built in Japan