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This unit operates a number of welfare fraud programs, including prevention, detection, investigation and referral for prosecution.  The Front End Detection System (FEDS) is designed to prevent ineligible individuals from receiving assistance at the time of application.  Activities include home visits to verify information, visit to job sites and an interview with applicants at DSS.  The investigation must be completed within 30 days.   The Fraud Unit continued with the new FEDS process in 2013 utilizing more in-Agency interviews which resulted in 810 new FEDS referrals.  These referrals resulted in a cost avoidance of $1,440,750.

Other fraud investigations result primarily from calls from concerned citizens and county staff who observe a situation and bring it to the attention of DSS staff.  The Fraud Unit is responsible for reviewing the information and investigating complaints that may constitute fraud. Staff conduct interviews, gather evidence and prepare material for prosecution through the District Attorney’s Office.  In 2014, referrals results in 32 arrests and 29 disqualifications of assistance.  Local courts ordered restitution in the amount of $58,984.74.

For statistics see Annual Report 2014

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