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Child Support Enforcement & Collection
Child Support Enforcement and Collection

During 2012, the Child Support Office again faced very difficult challenges in the establishment, collection and enforcement of child support orders for the children of Ontario County.  The economy and available employment opportunities in the area made our function harder than ever.

Even with the tough economic conditions in 2012, our office collected $12,535,290.56, which was an increase of 2.52% over 2011.  The statewide increase in collections was only .75%.  Of our total collections, $11,674,292.75 was distributed directly to the single parent families in Ontario County, and another $180,050.46 was distributed to our families through the Temporary Assistance pass through program.   The balance of our collections in the amount of $668,757.02, were retained by the county to help reduce the costs of providing Temporary Assistance, Medicaid, and Foster Care services to our residents.

In 74% of our cases with support orders, we were able to obtain a provision for medical support.  Medical support provisions include providing health insurance now or in the future, paying a pro-rata share of health insurance premiums, and/or uninsured health related expenses, and reimbursing the county for Medicaid expenditures.

We continue to partner with the County Attorney’s Office, the Family Court, the Probation Department and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to help to establish, enforce, and collect on our child support orders.

The staff of the Child Support Office continue to work diligently to insure that the single parent families of Ontario County get the financial and medical support that they are entitled to.


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