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Yard Waste

Next to paper yard waste is the largest contributor to our municipal solid waste stream. Recycling and reusing yard waste saves space in landfills, and reduces generation of greenhouse gases. Three easy ways to recycle and reuse your yard waste are grasscycling, mulching, and composting. To learn more, please visit EPA’s brochure on Greenscaping.

If looking for a place to take your yard waste, many municipal transfer stations accept yard waste (residency required) where they will grind it and offer to anyone looking for mulch or clippings.

Drop-off Locations (Map at bottom of page.)
Note: You must be a resident of the municipality to use facility, except the Town of Manchester

Town of Bristol Transfer Station
3901 County Road 2, Bloomfield               

Town of Hopewell Transfer Station
2716 County Road 47, Canandaigua         
585-394-0036 ext 3

Town Canadice Transfer Station
7081 South Old West Lake Road, Honeoye
585-367-2050  ext 1

Town of Manchester Transfer Station
1272 County Road 7, Clifton Springs        

Town of Canandaigua Transfer Station
5440 Route 5 and 20 West, Canandaigua

Town of Phelps Transfer Station
1342 State Rt 96, Phelps               

Town of East Bloomfield Transfer Station
3901  County Road 2, East Bloomfield     

Town of Richmond Transfer Station
4947 East Lake Road, Honeoye  

Town of Farmington Transfer Station
420 Hook Road, Farmington       

Town of Seneca Transfer Station
3671 County Road 5, Stanley      

Town of Geneva Transfer Station
32 White Springs Rd., Geneva   

Town of Victor  Transfer Station
60 Rawson Rd., Victor   

Town of Gorham Transfer Station
3478 Lake to Lake Rd., Gorham 

Town of West Bloomfield Transfer Station
2560 County Road 37     

*If any of the information listed above is incorrect, please email.