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2016-2019 OCIDA PARIS Budget Report
2016-2019 OCIDA Approved Budget

2015-2018 OCIDA Approved Budget
2015-2018 OCIDA PARIS Budget Report 

2015 OCIDA Audited Financial Statements
2015 OCIDA Management Letter
2015 OCIDA Letter of Communication 
2015 OCIDA Investment Report 
2015 OCIDA Annual Real Property Report
2015 OCIDA Annual Report
2015 OCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 
2015 OCIDA Management Assessment of Internal Control
2015 OCIDA Conduit Debt Schedule
2015 OCIDA PARIS Procurement Report
2015 OCIDA PARIS Annual Report 
2015 OCIDA PARIS Investment Report 
2015 OCIDA PARIS Certified Financial Audit Report    

2014-2017 PARIS OCIDA Budget (PDF)
2014-2017 OCIDA Budget (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Management Letter (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Letter of Communication (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Investment Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Federal Single Audit (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Annual Real Property Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Annual Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA Management Assessment of Internal Control (PDF)
2014 OCIDA PARIS Procurement Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA PARIS Annual Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA PARIS Investment Report (PDF)
2014 OCIDA PARIS Certified Financial Audit Report (PDF) 

2013 OCIDA PARIS Budget Report
2013 OCIDA Audited Financial Stmts (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Management Letter (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Letter of Communication (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Investment Report (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Federal Single Audit (PDF)
2013 OCIDA NYS DOT Single Audit (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Annual Real Property Report (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Annual Report on Operations (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Mission Stmt and Operations Report (PDF)
2013 OCIDA Mgmt Assessment of Internal Control (PDF)
2013 OCIDA PARIS Procurement Report (PDF)
2013 OCIDA PARIS Annual Report (PDF)
2013 OCIDA PARIS Investment Report (PDF)
2013 OCIDA PARIS Certified Financial Audit Report (PDF)