All Hazard Mitigation Plan

The current AHMP was adopted by the Ontario County Board of Supervisors in 2009. It is called “Multi-Jurisdictional” because it serves as the official AHMP for Ontario County as well as each of the 26 municipalities within Ontario County. A comprehensive update was completed in 2018 and is awaiting adoption by the participating municipalities. 
The process for updating the plan took several years and included significant participation from the 26 municipalities as wells as numerous outside agencies at all levels of government.  
The purpose of the plan is identify and prioritize potential hazards and formulate a strategy for prevention and response. By itself the drafting process requires significant sharing of information as well as coordination between emergency responders and numerous agencies at the, federal, State, County, and local level. The resulting plan serves as a valuable reference tool for both planners and responders and is needed for any municipality seeking disaster mitigation funding from Federal and State agencies.

AHMP Update: The completed plan has been reviewed by the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) as well as FEMA and is now ready for final adoption by the participating municipalities. Any comments or questions should be directed to Tim Jensen in the County Planning Department 

Towns                                               Villages                                       Cities
Bristol                                               Bloomfield                                   Canandaigua
Canadice                                          Clifton Springs                            Geneva*
Canandaigua                                    Manchester
East Bloomfield                                Naples
Farmington                                       Phelps*
Geneva                                            Rushville
Gorham                                            Shortsville*
Hopewell                                          Victor
South Bristol
West Bloomfield

* These municipalities participated throughout the planning development but did not propose any new actions for inclusion in the updated plan.