Your Government

  1. Our Mission, Vision & Values

    Learn about Ontario County's Core Mission, Vision, Values, and Behaviors

  2. Administration

    Find information on Ontario County administrative departments such as County Administrator and Human Resources

  3. Community Services

    Find information on services such as Economic Development, Motor Vehicles, and Recycling

  4. Finance & Records

    Find information related to records, budget, finance, purchasing, and the County Treasurer

  5. Government

    Learn about the County Board of Supervisors, register to vote, request property tax info, visit the County Clerk, or view Regulatory Compliance documents.

  6. Health & Human Services

    Find information on the various County departments providing health and human services to the community

  7. Legal

    Find information for any of our 4 different legal departments - Conflict Defender, County Attorney, District Attorney & Public Defender.

  8. Public Safety

    Visit the jail, learn about disaster preparedness, or find other information related to our public safety efforts.