Breastfeeding Friendliness...It Matters

Breastfeeding Friendly Places in Ontario County

There is no doubt, breastfeeding is good for both moms and babies. In a perfect world, women would feel comfortable providing their babies with mother's milk at home, in public and even in the workplace. Ontario County Public Health and the Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership recently recognized workplaces, daycares, schools and businesses for being Breastfeeding Friendly. Breastfeeding Friendly Places were chosen for having a lactation policy in place, offering prenatal or postpartum support services, providing space to pump breast milk or delivering support and encouragement to nursing mothers. Click here for a list of all 31 organizations honored at Climbing Vines Café and Play on August 1, 2016.

The Finger Lakes Breast Feeding Partnership
Ontario County Public Health is an active member of the Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership. This coalition includes Lactation Consultants and representatives from local health departments, Finger Lakes Health, Thompson Health, WIC, and the La Leche League.

Together we are providing education to physicians, medical office staff, and student nurses on how to help women breastfeed successfully. Additionally, the Partnership assists childcare centers, work places, and hospitals in gaining "baby friendly" status. Most importantly, members educate mothers and their communities about the benefits of breastfeeding. Click on the mother and infant on the right to watch a video about the importance of supporting breastfeeding in our community.

Finger Lakes Baby Café

Are you a new parent? Do you have questions, or are you struggling with breastfeeding? Do you wish you had someone to talk to about your concerns? If yes, visit the Baby Café. Here you will meet other mothers just like you. Certified Lactation Counselors are present to answer questions. Who knows, perhaps you will be able to help someone else with their breastfeeding challenges.

Worried about Returning to Work?

Juggling a job or your education with life at home can be challenging. Many moms stop breastfeeding just prior to returning to careers or school because they're not sure how to make it work. This is unfortunate as breastfeeding is the best form of nutrition for baby's entire first year. If you are headed back to the workforce, consider checking out Thompson Hospital's, Back to Work Breastfeeding Class. Learn your rights as a breastfeeding mom and pick up pointers about pumping and storing breast milk for your little one.

Last updated 8/1/16
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