Funded Programs

The 2015-2016 Budget adopted by New York State, included revisions to the Youth Development Systems which consolidated SDPP, YDDP and YI funding streams into one “Youth Development Program”. This consolidation eliminated the formula funding to local municipal recreation and service programs and instead, funnels all funding through the county.

While these legislative changes in statute shifted the control of funding/allocation to the counties, it also shifted the responsibility for the administration of this allocation. While this shift has had little impact on Ontario County, it does ease the burden at the state level reducing the need to process thousands of claims for towns, villages and cities to only processing claims for the counties.

In response to the changes, the Ontario County Youth Bureau created and released an RFP process in 2015 to reflect the changes in regulations for the 2016 program year. This allowed the Youth Bureau to solicit proposals which address the priorities of the community as identified by the Youth Bureau and its Advisory Board. 
2016 Funded Programs