Light Bulbs

Have burnt out fluorescent or CFL light bulbs? Do not throw them in the trash. Each light bulb contains a small amount of mercury, which can be released if the light bulb breaks during improper disposal. And while on their own they are not a threat to the environment, cumulatively the mercury from light bulbs can be very hazardous to the environment. Burnt out bulbs can be brought to local hardware stores to be recycled. For more information about the mercury contained in CFLS, please visit the EPA website.

Drop-Off Locations

4200 Recreation Dr., Canandaigua
Home Depot
7600 Commons Blvd., Victor
3030 Sessler Dr., Geneva
If you cannot drop off your burnt out light bulbs or have a large quantity of burnt out light bulbs, there are options to mail-in services.
Waste Management

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