Recycle Battery edit2.jpgResidents in Ontario County have been separating recyclable materials from the waste stream for more than 30 years. Every resident in Ontario County should have a convenient way to recycle whether it’s a bin by the curb for pick up or a trip to the municipal transfer station. In apartments where you have to throw your trash in a dumpster there also should be a separate container for recycling. If you’re not sure about your own options just email!

What goes in the recycling bin? For the most part, it’s the same regardless of where you live:

Acceptable Material

Not Acceptable

Clean paper and cardboard

wax coated, paper towels or tissues

Glass food and beverage containers

window glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, drinking glasses or ceramics

Metal food and beverage containers (including cans, trays and aluminum foils)

car parts, appliance parts, or other scrap metals

Clean plastic containers (#’s 1-7)

plastic bags, plastic film, biodegradable plastic

Check with your recycler for details. For any item that is not acceptable in your residential recycling, this website has information on a lot of other ways to keep it from being landfilled.

Want to learn more about Waste Reduction and the Ontario County Landfill?

Waste Reduction
Ontario County Landfill

Learn How Zero-Sort Recycling Works! 

Here in Ontario County we have what is called Zero-Sort recycling or sometimes known as Single-Stream recycling. This means all the above acceptable recyclable materials can be placed in the same recycle bin. To find out what happens to all the materials you recycling in your blue bin, watch this short video provided by Casella Waste Systems of their Recycling Facility.

Phone Book Opt Out

Watch the video below to find out how to opt-out of receiving your annual phone book. This effort can reduce the amount of trees used to produce the phone books and prevent unused or dated phone books from being thrown out in our local landfill.