Appliances (aka "White Goods")

There are a lot of options to dispose of your unwanted appliances so please do not throw them in the trash. They’re usually made of valuable metal and contain substances (like Freon) which, if not handled properly can be harmful to the environment. You can drop off large appliances at your municipal transfer station or they can be returned to the retailer (often with the purchase of a new appliance), or can be collected by outside agencies. Working appliances can often be donated or sold, especially small appliances such as microwaves and toasters which can be brought to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Below are drop-off locations to properly dispose of your appliances. To save time and effort, first call ahead.


Drop-off Locations (Map at bottom of page)

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
3040 County Rd. 10, Canandaigua
Town of Hopewell Transfer Station (Residents Only)
2716 County Road 47, Hopewell
585-394-0036 ext. 3
Town of Naples Transfer Station (Residents Only)
6614 County Road 21
Town of Bristol Transfer Station (Residents Only)
3901 County Road 2, Bloomfield
Town of Richmond Transfer Station (Residents Only)
8690 US Route 20A, Honeoye
Town of Canandaigua Transfer Station (Residents Only)
5440 Route 5 and 20 West
*If any of the information listed above is incorrect, please email.