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Buckle Up! The Sex Drive is Back!

Parents, your kids are learning about sex. Let it be from You.

Year 2 begins March 3, 2017. The Sex Drive initiative encourages parents to take advantage of teachable moments in the car to talk to kids about puberty, relationships, romance and sex. Tune into Finger Lakes Radio through May to hear down to earth suggestions about how to get the conversation started. Look for us on Facebook @flxshc and Twitter at FLXSexualHealth or #SexDrive17.Check out the Rules of the Road, before getting started.
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The Sex Drive Week #8, April 22-29
Using Time in the Car to Talk to Your Kids about Sex 

This week talk to your kids about birth control


Ask your 8-9 year old, “What do you think it will be like to have kids someday?” “How do you think people decide how many kids to have?”

Ask your teen, “Why do girls in middle or high school sometimes get pregnant?” “Whose ‘fault’ is it?” “Who is responsible for the baby?” “What sort of information are you getting at school about birth control?” “Where can you get more information when you need it?”

Ask your older adolescent, “Do teen couples who have a baby usually end up together?” “How does having a baby affect a mom’s or dad’s education and career plans?” “What birth control method do you think would be best for you now or in the future?”

Birth control is NOT a dirty word! What's more difficult than your child becoming sexually active? Your child becoming a parent. Pregnancies during adolescence can be devastating. Teen moms and dads achieve less education and earn less money than older parents. Children of teens (potentially your grandchildren...just saying) more often:

  • Drop out of school or become incarcerated during adolescence
  • Get pregnant during their teen years
  • Suffer unemployment as young adults
  • Experience health problems
Don't leave this conversation to friends, cousins and siblings. The stakes are too high. Come on parents get the conversation started. Your kids are learning about sex. Let it be from you!

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